Corinne McKayFrench/English Interpreter

Certified French/English court interpreterMaster of Conference Interpreting, Glendon College/York University

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About me

  • Certified by the Colorado Judicial Branch for French court interpreting

  • Master of Conference Interpreting (French<>English), Glendon College

  • Approved by SOS International to interpret in US Immigration Court

  • Certified by the American Translators Association for French to English translation

  • 20+ years' experience in the language industry

  • ~200 days of interpreting work in 2023

How I help

I provide French<>English simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, in person and remotely. My clients include law firms, NGOs, State and Federal courts, labor unions, online training providers, podcast creators, and management consulting firms.When you need to hire an interpreter, you can't afford to take risks. Your own reputation is on the line when an interpreter represents you. Clients choose me for my professionalism, language skills, confidentiality, and commitment
to getting every word across.

What does an interpreter do?

Interpreters use spoken words (not written: that's what translators do!) to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. Interpreting has a few different "flavors":

  • Simultaneous: interpreting while the original speaker talks (this is what I'm doing in the photograph below!)

  • Consecutive: waiting for the original speaker to finish (either a few sentences or an entire speech), then interpreting

  • Sight translation: interpreting from a written document instead of from a speaker

Some of my recent assignments (I love my job!)

  • Consecutive interpreting for legal depositions (workers' compensation, car accidents, wage theft)

  • Simultaneous interpreting for public-sector accounting and financial management courses

  • Simultaneous interpreting for week-long labor union trainings (emergency response, collective bargaining, union leadership)

  • Consecutive interpreting for interviews between subject-matter experts and management consultants

  • Simultaneous interpreting for maternal/child health trainings for public health professionals

  • Court appearances, from arraignments, to motions hearings, to criminal trials

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